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      Where is Esmeralda? he asked in his quiet way, but with his piercing eyes fixed on her.

      And you are what is called a nobleman! he said.

      Trafford looked at his plate.

      Oror to Lord Trafford?Very well. It is like the bargain Lilias and I made yesterday. Yes, you were quite right. I dont know why they were so kind to mea stranger. But they were kind, very. I think I was a little frightened about meeting the duke. I dont know what I expectedsomething very grand and awful, but he was not at all what I expected; and I think him the dearest old gentleman I have ever seen. I dont think I could ever be frightened of him.

      The thought brought him a grim kind of consolation. His life should be devoted to her; no woman in the world should be more surrounded by watchful care and attention than she should be. She should do exactly as she liked, should go where she pleased; her wish should be his law; he would be just a superior kind of servant to her."Listen," she said.

      One day, some six weeks later, the place was in a flutter of excitement, which became almost frantic when a cloud of dust appeared on the road leading to Belfayre, and a man who had been watching from a point of vantage galloped toward the castle, shouting: They have come!


      She went to the desk and wrote as he dictated, and the telegram was dispatched.He laughed aloud and around: "Pshaw! Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is some joke you're"--he glanced toward the show-case--


      The neighbors flocked to call upon Lady Trafford, and dinner-parties were arranged in her special honor, and it was agreed on all sides that she bore herself remarkably well. The men raved about her beauty quite as much as, if not more than they had done, before her marriage, and the women wondered at the coolness and aplomb with which the young girl, who was a mere nobody before her marriage, took her place in the ranks of the nobility. Only one or two of the elder ones noticed something strange in her expression, something vaguely and indefinitely puzzling in her manner. They all agreed that matrimony had not lightened Traffords gravity, and that he was rather more absent-minded and[214] reserved than ever, excepting when his wife was speaking or any attention was due to her from him.


      It is called Raven Claim, answered Varley.