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      And he and Si shuddered at the thought of that good old man in the hands of the merciless scoundrels who infested the mountains and woods beyond the camps. "Thankee for yore kind inkwiries az to mi helth? Ime glad to

      "Say, Corpril," spoke up Harry Joslyn, "you'll see that I git in, won't you? You know I shot that rebel at the burnt bridge.""Yes; how stupid of me to forget it. Well, Mr. Klegg, I'm very much obliged to you for finding my cow and bringing her home. You've got a very fine sonsplendid soldier. How is he getting along?"

      HAVING seen their prisoners safely behind the bars, Si and Shorty breathed more freely than they had since starting out in the morning, and Si remarked, as he folded up the receipt for them and placed it in his pocket-book:

      "And didn't I watch the crossing down there at the burnt bridge?" pleaded Jim Humphreys.




      Shorty sprang up and gave a rib-breaking kick to the prostrate Eph Glick.