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      Shorty quietly broached the scheme to a few of his comrades, who fell in with it at once. Gathering around the cart, they cheered and chattered so as to drown any noise Si might make while carrying out his plan, and which would "give it away."

      V2 Ste.-Thrse, just below Montreal, and watched and waited for Haviland and Amherst to appear. [841][434] On the capture of Oswego, the authorities examined have been very numerous, and only the best need be named. Livre d'Ordres, Campagne de 1756, contains all orders from headquarters. Mmoire pour servir d'Instruction M. le Marquis de Montcalm, 21 Juillet; 1756, sign Vaudreuil. Bougainville, Journal. Vaudreuil au Ministre, 15 Juin, 1756 (designs against Oswego). Ibid., 13 Ao?t, 1755. Ibid., 30 Ao?t. Pouchot, I. 67-81. Relation de la Prise des Forts de Chouaguen. Bigot au Ministre, 3 Sept. 1756 Journal du Sige de Chouaguen. Prcis des vnements, 1756. Montcalm au Ministre, 20 Juillet, 1756. Ibid., 28 Ao?t, 1756. Desandrouins , mme date. Montcalm sa Femme, 30 Ao?t. Translations of several of the above papers, along with others less important, will be found in N. Y. Col. Docs., X., and Doc. Hist. N. Y., I.

      "Well, I'm relieved," he said.

      V1 But the most elaborate work on the subject is the Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania, inspired and partly written by Franklin. It is hotly partisan, and sometimes sophistical and unfair. Articles on the quarrel will also be found in the provincial newspapers, especially the New York Mercury, and in the Gentleman's Magazine for 1755 and 1756. But it is impossible to get any clear and just view of it without wading through the interminable documents concerning it in the Colonial Records of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Archives.

      V2 Vaudreuil now saw his mistake in sending the French frigates up the river out of harm's way, and withdrawing their crews to serve the batteries of Quebec. Had these ships been there, they might have overpowered those of the English in detail as they passed the town. An attempt was made to retrieve the blunder. The sailors were sent to man the frigates anew and attack the squadron of Holmes. It was too late. Holmes was already too strong for them, and they were recalled. Yet the difficulties of the English still seemed insurmountable. Dysentery and fever broke out in their camps, the number of their effective men was greatly reduced, and the advancing season told them that their work must be done quickly, or not done at all.

      "I want to go away until it blows over," said Pen.Pen smiled to herself. "Nothing. Go on. You were popular in college?"



      "Oh, do you know him too?"[478] Montcalm au Ministre de la Guerre, 1 Nov. 1756.


      "You can lend me a revolver if you want. I have none.""If it can be proved to the satisfaction of a jury," said the Assistant-District-Attorney sourly.