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      Varley nodded again.

      Polly be blowed! said another. That aint half good enough; call her Mary Anne!I dont know, said Trafford.

      Lilias, I cant put it off any longer. I love you, dearest! Will you be my wife?

      Esmeralda looked at him with a tenderness that had something pathetic in it.Widely it hovered in its nest of rose gardens, orange groves, avenues of water-oaks, and towering moss-draped pecans. A few hundred yards from the levee a slender railway, coming from the city, with a highway on either side, led into its station-house; but mainly the eye would have dwelt on that which filled the interval between the nearer high road and the levee--the "Carrollton Gardens."

      But I do. Theyd say that Id persuaded you to stay here, or that if I hadnt persuaded you, that I let youan innocent girl, ignorant of the worldhave your own way, and so ruined your life. That would be rather rough on me, Ralda.

      If he could have seen and understood the smile which gleamed in Lady Adas cold eyes as she undressed that night, he would not have felt quite so serene and self-satisfied. It is said that there is a good deal of the serpent in every woman, but Lady Ada was all serpent as she stood before the glass looking at her faultily faultless face, and recalling the scene at the piano and Traffords frown. If she could only separate Trafford from the girl he had married! She had no plan deftly formed as yet, butwell, she would wait and watch. Meanwhile, things promised well.


      You have overheard? said Trafford in a constrained voice. Good! I have but one word to add to you. You, too, will abide by her decision. If she should choose me, then you will go your way, and leave us in peace. You will refuse at your peril.Lady Adas fan moved more quickly.


      He moved toward the door, looking so wan and aged that Lady Wyndover, even in the midst of her grief for Esmeralda, could have cried aloud for pity of him.Ah, do not, she said. It will comfort me as nothing else could do. To remember that, had I possessed her wealth, I should have stood in her place to-day!