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      "Why, I can read my safety in your face. You can't read anything in mine; you're afraid to look.""Oh, yes, of course. The body is a frail instrument. One forgets that. So good of you. But the spirit endures. Good night."

      He sat down rather hurriedly, on the couch, and the Doctor scanned him anxiously for symptoms. But there were none of an alarming character. He had not removed his borrowed hat and wig.He had no difficulty in making her look at him now. She looked up with a half smile.

      "Quite proper, Miss Effie," was the reply; "so good-bye: I must look after the tickets and the baggage."

      I surrender, he said, with amiable ease.He went back to his library when his wife left him, where an intangible something of Norahs presence lingered. There was the chair she had{150} sat in, there was her note to him about her brother on the table, and the blotting paper on which she had blotted the entries she had made on the catalogue cards. He took up the top sheet and held it to the light, so as to be able to read the titles of the books. There were the authors names in big firm capitals, the book-titles in smaller writing but legible. She had done a lot to-night, for he remembered having put clean blotting paper for her, and the sheet was covered with impressions. Here she had been sitting at work, while he talked and listened to those people in the drawing-room who meant nothing to him....


      THE CLOCKWORK MAN EXPLAINS HIMSELFFrank gave another swing of his hat and another cheer. The Doctor and Fred united their voices to his, and with a hearty shout all around, they concluded the ceremony connected with their arrival in Japan.


      "I ought not to have shown him that envelope addressed to you."