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      297 I forget nothing, answered Polycles. But one thing you must knowthe citizens must hear the whole story ... your condition of slave, your sin, and the punishment whose mark you bear. In a little place like Methone nothing can be hidden, so it is better to confess everything yourself rather than have it discovered by others. Besides, matters relating to inheritance, marriage, and other kindred affairs are often discussed in our popular assemblies. Here, where all the citizens know each other, no distinction is made between public and private business.


      "Missie," sighed Anna's maid, "see Mahs' Chahlie dah? stan'in' on de woodworks o' dat big gun?"

      By the glow the young girl had seen Hipyllos face appear and disappear like a vision in a dreama wall seemed to open and close over it. Terror and surprise made her utter a piercing shriek. Ninus fancied herself watched and blew out the light.


      Conops has slept on the bench long enough, said a harsh voice, not without a shade of envy.


      The hearer lifted and dropped both arms: "Oh!--to be continued!"An hour later Doris again glided through the open hall of the womens apartment, called the prostas, to the chamber occupied by Clyties parents. She listened, but heard nothing; the conversation seemed to have ceased. The room was one of the few apartments in a Greek house that could be closed by a door. Fortunately this door was ajar, but to slip in Doris was obliged to push it farther open. Scarcely had she touched it when she was startled by a loud, distinct creaking. She felt her cheeks grow bloodless, but she must go in. With the utmost caution she again took hold of the door, and this time it opened noiselessly. Silently as a shadow she stole bare-footed into the room. A sultry, heavy atmosphere greeted her. She heard the breathing of the sleepers, but there was no other sound. From the peristyle the faint light of the night-heavens shone through the open doorway. Doris saw the bed indistinctly; something light trailed on the floor beside itdoubtless a womans long robes hanging from a chain. She cautiously groped her way forward, fearing to knock against something and make a noise. There was a163 strange feeling of insecurity about her, and her feet seemed as heavy as lead. With dilated eyes she saw, or fancied that she saw, two human figures stretched upon the bed. Advancing a few steps nearer she felt paralyzed with terror and on the point of falling. One of the figures sat upright in the bed and turned its face towards her. She could not see the eyes, but was aware that the person saw her distinctly.


      Slowly pour the fountains water Oer the white neck of the bride; Brow and bosom let it moisten, Hand, and foot, and back, and side! Soon the fair one will perceive the Cooling freshness of the bath, As her fair limbs marble whiteness The pink bloom of roses hath.Two of the ships meanwhile returned to France, the third, the "Breton," remaining at anchor opposite the fort. The malcontents took the opportunity to send home charges against Laudonniere of peculation, favoritism, and tyranny.